Placement – Days 5-9

This would be my second week on placement and my mentor teacher had asked me to teach half days for this week.  I would be teaching the morning session and my mentor teacher asked me to plan three activities for each morning session with learning content focused around the Queensland kindergarten learning guideline.

Unfortunately, the ICT content has been limited and the program involves alot of hands on activities for active minds and bodies.  I, like Elizabeth worry that I am not using or having access to enough ICT resources to amplify and transform teaching activities and sessions that I set up.  Each day this week, I have rocked up with a bagful of resources and a plan for activities that day.  The children have shown keen interest and excitement with what I have planned and brought along.   I have had some successful and enjoyable teaching episodes with some activities and others, unfortunately, not as successful.  I have got to know some of the children better and this has made it easier to follow their interests as per the kindergarten curriculum.

I have found that behavioural issues have posed problems on some days and as with any group of young children, some days they are interested and some days they are not.  This week we had a couple of difficult days where nothing really went to plan due to short staffing and behaviour problems with some children.  My mentor teacher said that sometimes days just go like that and its all part of teaching kindergarten.  I am hoping that for my last week I might be able to get some more ICT incorporated into the teaching but this week hasn’t been too successful.  With limited resources that aren’t really used and a program that is not really ICT inclusive, its difficult to suddenly try and incorporate it.  Sadly, this will probably impact on my marks through no fault of my own.

For my third week my mentor teacher has me teaching more and including full days teaching within the week.  Its a little overwhelming as it involves alot of planning and the children can be quite difficult behaviour wise and not really great at listening to me.  I think they think of me as a visitor to the room and not really their teacher at the time.  Well I will see what awaits me for my last week and meanwhile continue planning for my activities for the week.  My weekends and evenings are so full of planning and preparing for the days ahead.  I am hoping for a good week, will probably get it all going great and then it will be time to leave!


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